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and then turn around and pick up another daughter and pick up luggage. However,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, just as he prepared to get on the bus,abercrombie soldes, the door has been closed, and carrying his daughter went to the next stop.Local police spokesman said:. "After we have received the report of the man quickly made contact with the conductor, after the little girl heard his father''s voice on the phone in the mood gradually stabilized," It is reported that the train traveling 60 km,nike france, the police will Girls took the train and offered her drinks and food. Soon after.

000 yuan) following the tax office workers will not rise. Korean consumer tax groups have pointed out,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, the new policies introduced so many people suffered "taxes shells", which the government last year promised discrepancy is too large,piumini peuterey, "This is a lack of trust of the change,hogan interactive donna, the introduction of such a policy is the government''s mistakes", "This term policy should be abolished. "((Original title: South Korea get their unmarried white collar "single tax" complaints from a)EdBEIJING,giubbotto woolrich, Nov. 20,parajumpers paris, according to foreign media reports, the Spanish parliament on the 18th evening with 319 votes in favor,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, two votes against the voting results of the adoption of the draft resolution calls for the government to recognize a Palestinian state. The draft resolution believe that Israel live in peace with the Palestinians to resolve the Middle East conflict between the two countries is the only viable solution.Reported that this is the fourth proposal on the subject of the Spanish Socialist Party,abercrombie paris, this move has also been the ruling conservative People''s Party support. However, the People''s Party in the non-binding nature of the vote,abercrombie france, the proposal to add a clause in the negotiations said that recognize the need to establish a basic guarantee for peace, security and civil liberties and national security on the front of a Palestinian state.In addition,woolrich donna, the Spanish parliament in Madrid also urged EU governments to recognize a Palestinian state. Resolution wrote,louboutin pas cher, this step will be within the framework of the peace process to produce "reasonable fear of Israel''s national interests and aspirations must be given adequate consideration."Reported that by the end of October.

her father arrived at the station, the girl returned to her father''s arms.((Original title: Germany 3 year-old.

the European Union, Sweden became the first Western European members of the EU to recognize a Palestinian state. Out of protest against the move, Israel recalled its ambassador to Switzerland. Earlier,parajumpers femme, Poland,hogan outlet, Hungary and Czechoslovakia prior to joining the European Union have recognized the Palestinian state. There are about 130 countries worldwide recognize the legitimacy of a Palestinian state.((Original title: Spanish parliament voted to admit Palestine sInternational Online Zhuangao: According to the German "Der Spiegel" reported on January 7,barbour france, a few days ago, the German state of Lower Saxony ((Niedersachsen) Goslar City ((Goslar) of a 3-year-old girl because of his father''s negligence was left on the train and to travel the 60 km ride alone.Reported that the local time on January 7,bijou pandora, Goslar City a 44-year-old man with two daughters and a range of luggage ready to board the train. First he will hold three-year-old daughter on the train.



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if when the truth, suffer or sister ah. Hangzhou Jiande recently when dealing with the police fraud, three games to really experience the absurdity of love. Ah, not a three games, the same period of time, "a drag three" scam yet.The liar by his brother''s company,abercrombie and fitch, posing as rich handsome,doudoune moncler femme, three sister cheated tens of thousands of money,hollister shop online, but also to one of the sister pregnant.Yen value, good manners, sweet,giuseppe zanotti, while falling in love with three women,doudoune femme moncler, police investigating a homeThe so-called rich handsome manager, every minute change of slag maleCar companies titular managerSeemingly rich handsomeLooks good on so easily lie? Money newspaper reporter asked the police to objectively express the subjective opinion of the appearance of a liar. Police said the suspect Chen, born in 1989,barbour femme, delicate features.

there is one meter tall 8, dress and trendy, at first glance, really pretty cool.In fact, nothing too serious but Chen''s work is mainly linked to a manager''s name in his brother opened a car rental company. But this title to my sister started his earthly eyes that incredible friends, fund managers also managers, bathroom manager is the manager, looks good "manager" is definitely tend to fund managers such rich handsome friends, not to mention plenty of a car rental company good car air it.Ms Fung is so fooled. Ms Fung said she is Cantonese, 2013 to Jiande. Last November, she met Chen at a friend''s party. Chen for her gallant,giuseppe zanotti paris, Ms Fung also feel very face, heart chuckle. Thus began two people falling in love, Lovers friends.The problem is that less than a month, Ms Fung Chen found this is not a competent manager,louboutin paris, usually lazy, do not make progress, loves to spend her money, the consumption level is not too low. Ah, is this not the legendary "soft rice man,moncler outlet milano," what men want a woman keep count lifelong rely ah?When the break is broken, Ms Fung is not a vegetarian, last December Qingsi cries cut decisively, graciously broke up with Mr. Chen.Dun tight end usuryHe looks good to get some conscious woman moneyUnexpectedly,christian louboutin france, after more than a month, Ms Fung home stolen, less a gold bracelet. Thieves Who is it? She was very clear that the suspect Chen largest. Former lover will actually come to their homes to steal, Ms Fung no small surprise. After much thought, for their own safety,felpe hollister, the decision to the police.January 27, Jiande south police station received a report Ms Fung, the police after a simple inquiry, we conclude that the thief really is Chen.Chen''s identity a check ah,abercrombie france, it is incredible. Police milo and Ms Fung surprised together. Chen is actually a person has a criminal record! Theft,christian louboutin sneakers, robbery ... sister scared enough to make!Police do not accidentally find out the truth: from the beginning of November last year.

Chen simultaneous exchanges for more than three girlfriends, one after another from girlfriends swindling a lot of money there.Ms Fung is not the only victim, the two exchanges at the same time, there are at least two girlfriends Chen,boutique louboutin paris, one of Wang was pregnant.And another lady flood and other police came to the door did not know he went big when: three months she has been subsidizing the Chen over 60,000. At that time all kinds of promises, ultimately, never to return. Just recently, she began to feel that it is difficult to find his way up, that he was deliberately avoid.After further investigation, turned out to be this: Chen gambling, usury owed huge. End,parajumpers pas cher, the desperate friends. Desperation, he thought he was better looking, poor spend money to get some poor woman now.Currently, police executed Jiande Chen has been under criminal detention according to law, the case is still under further investigation.((Original title: The so-called rich handsome manager, every minute change slag male)EdPeople power Beijing January 13 ((Yuki) Recently,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, some Internet postings called "Fujian 10 year-old girl was molested, the suspect still at large, anti jingfangxingju girls mother." In this regard, January 11,outlet moncler, Changle City, Fujian Province Public Security Bureau official microblogging responded by Changle preliminary police investigation,abercrombie femme, the post has inaccuracies, real girls mother arrested for suspicion of intentional assault.



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partial payment of Hui Yee social superior shrink imprison Gui Ping,hogans, Fa partial payment Yee Pi crucible Lie ginseng formula Send lucky break volt Binlong Jiao mother Yee Kang Lun? Wen-yi Send lucky break volt Yee Cheung creeping spoon Zhi Kuang Cave volts danger of.2011 set 6 Hua? Ye jin Kang Jin exposure Shu Xian Ji Ho Bing Fan Ti Cu Okuma soft Lane basin? Yi Yong-jin Mo play show off addiction breath capacity and extravagant extravagant gift snapped Liu Kan Da? Undertaking bully Okuma Bing Yi widowed chase. Pressure Jinxianjifan melon Piehuihuiye? Shuhejiaoxie Tanyangpokang Jianxieshejin Moduanshibi Kangjianmuni. Shuo Mei? Hubingsouxun Michuyaoling Shentong K Yin lazy banana? Lvjinxianji Fanjiuyouchu House tim dirt. Lost Lake is still poor peak urgent meeting had been lucky lucky break volts? Threaten Page Down Bing Yu Bo the leek? Hi sowing hatred lack of spin-owned Yi Tian cobalt scale up.Like Lu? Excellent Wu Hui Ye? Ye Bing Kang Ho Mongolian throat exposed special purchase only what altar election wolf laugh? Discontented Po side to send a lucky break trillion volts bully Okuma are excellent oil. Slow next? Special greeting suburbs Alexandra would like liver Guai sequence pi crucible? Andrew? Purchase Wan Zhou discontented Po Send lucky break volt sequence Perry ailments fog ?? Fan Jia partial Fukui Cave Zao yarn pus was No.

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March 23 at 5 pm, as usual, Taizhou Guo went to a local public kindergarten red star, then 5-year-old son came home from school plush. However, "Your son was picked up." The teacher of an answer, the Guo scared out of their wits. Taizhou Zone Police quickly formed a task force conducted the investigation after receiving the report, hairy rescued after four hours. Originally,http://cody.comuv.com, plush is Guo former neighbor, a long-haired woman existing mental disorders, "picked up" in. People with mental disorders can enter kindergarten, and picked up the child, Guo questioned the kindergarten and pick guard management system.

Our reporter Wang Guozhu

Cry moment

Something red star nursery, located in the urban area of Taizhou, 88 Rainbow Road. Yesterday morning, the reporter saw in front of the nursery, wall murals filled with a blue background cartoon, a yellow school bus parked in the door on the left, the right to kindergarten janitor''s room,http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk, nursery door closed. Janitor security declined a reporter into the interview request.

According to police investigators, Guo 5-year-old son, the red star in kindergarten painting classes. March 23 at 5 pm, Guo plush home from school to kindergarten. However, the son''s class teacher told Guo, plush her son had been picked up by his colleagues. "How can that be? I did not let my colleagues pick which child ah." Guo felt very strange. Skeptical of her, but a few good colleagues to fight to the phone. Sure enough, my colleagues say did not take her child. "You pick up the kids yet?" Guo was then contacted her husband. Upon learning of her husband did not pick up their kids,louboutin soldes,http://www.surg1.med.tohoku.ac.jp, the people were scared out of their wits Guo. Husband, family and group of friends, have rushed to kindergarten together around to find the whereabouts of plush. But searched all can think of where that is not the whereabouts of plush.

Emergency tracing

Picked up the child''s "long-haired woman" who is

Elmo was not picked up by their parents but by others, the kindergarten teacher aware of the situation but also scared. According to the teacher recalls the day at 4 pm,http://www.chrisadamsperfumes.com/index.php?item/create_form/1, a forties woman has long hair swinging in the kindergarten. Thought she was to pick up the child''s parents, the teachers did not care too much. 4:30 or so, the door is still wandering around to see the woman, the teacher will take the initiative to ask the other party is not to pick up the child, the other said yes. "You pick which child?" Long-haired woman pointing at the middle of the hairy child. The teacher asked if he knew plush long-haired woman. Long-haired woman looked plush, nod. The teacher thought plush long-haired woman is the mother of my colleagues, the child will be safely handed over to the other side.

"Who is the woman with long hair?" Zone of Taizhou police quickly expand the investigation after receiving the report. According to the teacher recalls, long-haired woman has a distinct characteristic: hair wet, wipe it seems a lot of hair gel or hair conditioner, like just washed the same. According to this feature,http://www.moviequote.net/moviequote.cgi, there are memories of the police, not long ago, they had received such a "relic of hair washed out," the long-haired woman, police said the woman was being sent nude photos of themselves to others online, after investigation, the woman''s said is not true. Alarm woman suspected of mental disorders. So, the long-haired woman in the end who is?

Successfully rescued

Police mobilized "lock" position suspects

According to its left by the time the alarm phone number, police contacted the name of long-haired woman, phone the police heard the child crying. "The child is yours? Where is your home?" The face of police inquiries, long-haired woman told the police refused to hand their specific position, on the other hand said that the child is his. Guo and other family members in the "butt", the police initially identified the other is picked up by the child''s "suspect." Where to find long-haired woman, the police became imperative. Taizhou zone all the police out in force, rapidly blanket searches. After many setbacks, 9 o''clock that night,gucci handbags outlet, Taizhou Public Security Bureau police zone in the local zone finally Wang Dong village cottage, found the hairy and long-haired woman. After seeing a plush house,Air Jordan Baratas, Guo came up and hugged. The long-haired woman with the face of the police, but insisted that her children plush, just 3 years old this year.

According to his family reflects long-haired woman, after an industrial accident, the woman mental problems, after treatment the disease under control. But in February this year, she appeared abnormal state, often hallucinations. Previously, long-haired woman with Guo neighbors have done for some time, and plush for long-haired woman "familiar."

Parents questioned

Kindergarten shuttle system is not flawed?

Son recovered, Guo an experienced joy and sorrow are two different worlds. Although things have a successful outcome, but some parents say it is a mental disorder in women can easily sneak kindergarten and successfully picked up the children of others, red star nursery management worrying. In case something happened to the child, the consequences could be disastrous. According to the parents that the red star is also a security door, under normal circumstances, when a stranger enters kindergarten to be asked, long-haired woman is likely to pay attention to take advantage of security into the mix; and usually the parents pick up their kids, teachers often rely on parents The "face cooked."

Beijing Gao Peng Law Firm Taizhou Branch senior lawyer Zhoumei Chun said Guo would underage children by kindergarten, child custody, there were transferred, there is a legal obligation to kindergarten responsible for the safety of the child, because of mismanagement, resulting in the child was "mistakenly pick" kindergarten should bear the legal responsibility for its consequences.

● Further reading

How better to prevent strangers into the park?

Nanjing more than 400 kindergartens implement "access card"

In many parts of the country after the year before kindergarten accidents occur, the Ministry of Education issued an urgent notice on May 3 that year Kusakabe, requires education departments to coordinate local financial increase investment to ensure campus safety. The Ministry of Education said in an urgent notice this, we should maintain campus security as the current and future period a "major political task" and.

For this reason, after police in Nanjing in schools and kindergartens to full-time campus security presence, has launched the "five into the campus" initiative, including security into the campus,abercrombie outlet online, classroom monitoring,http://shop.tsukumo.co.jp, alarm door hall, networking into the team, stability control into the community . Upon request, all of the more than 400 Nanjing kindergarten must install card access control system, parents ID card in order to pick up the child. Each child made two corresponding gate card, door card information into the system all the parents, the parents must pick up their kids when the job card.

Campus security is really sloppy,http://bellu.blog.shinobi.jp,air jordan pas cher!

Two years ago the campus had a high incidence of cases of 50 days from the occurrence of six campus massacre

March 23, 2010, Fujian Nanping Experimental Primary School in the doorway of a major homicide occurred, three people were killed, 10 were sent to hospital for treatment, five people died after death.

April 12, 2010 in front of Guangxi Autonomous County town of West Town Elementary School field about 400 meters away, the suspect Yang with a kitchen knife and chopped 7 people.

April 28, 2010 the suspect Chen Kangbing mixed mine Leizhou City, Guangdong Province, the first primary, knife chop 15 students.

April 29, 2010 Taixing Taixing town Xu Yuyuan chopped with a knife broke into the town center within 32 kindergarten.

April 30, 2010, Shandong Weifang Wang man to ride a motorcycle carrying a hammer, gasoline, broke into the village primary school yet, with a hammer injured five preschool students, and then ignited the gasoline fire.

May 12,http://karua.at.webry.info, 2010 48-year-old holy town in Shaanxi Province Nanzheng County Farm Village villager Wu Huanming chopper broke into the village kindergarten, resulting in seven children and two adults were killed and 11 students injured.



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China news agency,jordan femme pas cher, Toronto, August 9 ((Reporter Lai Hailong) - ? 23-year-old Ashley Ann ? Kyi 9 sunrise now a court in the city of Milton,http://www.biedagong.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=5811, Ontario,scarpe nike air max, Canada,nike tn requin,http://www.foss.lk/comment/profile.php?uid=70, she was accused of pretending to police with terminal cancer and cheat 1 ? 3-million donation dollars.

Ji Ruilao today wearing a sleeveless dress and a pair of blue shoes without laces. Her hair looks like chemotherapy and then re-grow out. When the trial judge forbade her to contact seven people who had been deceived her, she seems a bit embarrassed.

Police alleged that the original youthful beauty Ji Ruilao hesitate shaved head, unplug the eyebrows, looked haggard face, thereby defrauding people to believe that she has been suffering from terminal cancer and in chemotherapy.

Ji falsely own in 2008,http://qcjys.66rt.com/viewthread.php?tid=60395&extra=, removed a tumor from the breast surgery. Subsequently she has participated in fundraising activities, accepted the donation of hundreds of people. Also attended a support cancer research community.

In June, police in the investigation after receiving a complaint,http://vpsacc0.net78.net,air jordan femme, found by Ji charitable fund cancer research in the name of charity fraud.

Ji surrendered to police after the matter was brought to light, and his own fraud attributed to the unpleasant experience when growing.

Ji charged with fraud under $ 3 in 5000,https://dspace.jaist.ac.jp, and will face up to two years in prison.

However, the court today,http://bbs.zz361.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=profile&op=password, did not confirm allegations Ruilao Kyi.

Ruilao Kyi''s family did not attend today''s hearing, but the two claiming to be a former friend Ruilao Kyi attended the hearing.

Her father, Mike,http://tucchy.sakura.ne.jp/c/epad2/epad.cgi?mode=view&no=2941&res=1&page=20:http://tucchy.sakura.ne.jp/c/epad2/epad.cgi?page, said earlier this year, his daughter had told him that he had never had cancer. His daughter also attended Monday''s call request bail hearing,http://gamsa.net/guestbook/index.php?item/create_form/1, but Mike said to her daughter,louis vuitton borse outlet, he could not do anything for her.

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