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Metropolis Daily News

Reporter Li Lili

45-year-old Wu Lidun ETHNO is Ezhou people, Gulou Street office in the city when the driver. Two days ago, a woman came to the door, holding a banner, thanks for the help he provided many years ago in a car accident. ETHNO said: "I did not expect such a small thing, she could still remember!" He did not think that, in order to find him, the woman searched for about 21 years!

Mother and daughter were injured in a car accident, enthusiastic guy send them to the hospital

Jiangxi Jiujiang women memory, scene 3 May 1991, still alive.

In the morning, Ezhou and Huang Shi Tieshan junction occurred bus collided with a truck. Then served as the conductor of the bus , holding a 5-year-old daughter, both injured. Hitting his daughter''s nose was a big hole in the blood gurgling stream, mother and daughter scared to cry.

Mother and daughter sat bus, belonging to a passenger transport company Jiujiang,http://joy-bells.seesaa.net, Wuhan sail from Jiujiang incident. After the accident, the scene surrounded by a lot of people, everyone rushes, but no one to help. At this point, I do not know where to go from a guy in his early 20s, stopped a car,http://ars.userfriendly.org/cartoons/post.cgi, the mother and daughter propped up, to a nearby hospital.

About 21 years later, still feeling than Zhuchun Rong: "I totally unfamiliar, but also with the children, but for him, I really do not know how to do." Zhu Chunrong remember, this strange guy, medium height, looks,louboutin soldes, "Han Han "and few words. To the hospital, he registered to help, find a doctor, take the kids to the needle, after busy preparing, even all his money to meet medical expenses.

After the panic to calm down, just ask enthusiastic guy''s name and contact information, and carefully copied his message on a piece of paper. Subsequently, enthusiastic guy and got a car, the car will be sent after the mother and daughter, only to leave quietly.

not remember how he took his daughter to return home in Jiujiang, but to help enthusiastic guy,mulberry outlet store,http://bbs.xiangshan.tv/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=268880, she always unforgettable. Pang learned of her husband after Yujiu,http://www.51yam.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, were recorded in the diary.

Yesterday, the reporter saw this recorded Zhuchun Rong Yujiu diary. Paper has yellowed, blue ballpoint ink still visible: "Dexing Copper Mine five built headquarters, turn ETHNO."

In order to benefactor to say "thank you",cheap jordans for sale, Zhu Chunrong hard to find 21 years

Over the years, in order to face ETHNO when to say "thank you",http://www.xinhelan.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, Zhu Chunrong been struggling to find.

Then a home, she began to play the note left by the phone. When the phone is not widespread, ETHNO leave the unit switchboard, Zhu Chunrong hit several times. Switchboard and turn, always contact. Later, can not get through the switchboard.

Daughter grew up, she often took the diary, over and over again to tell the story of the daughter they Yujiu education daughter be good, to know how to help others. Over time,hogan interactive, the desire to find benefactor, not only did not disappear, but more and more urgent. Could not get through, she let her husband take advantage of the opportunity to travel, came to inquire about Dexing Copper Mine, unfortunately there is no news.

One day, while chatting with a friend about it again, and she happened to know in Yingtan Guixi Guixi Smelter a gentleman named ETHNO people, they immediately began looking for. Last November 29, Zhu Chunrong found Guixi City Public Security Bureau police station are copper. The police look after the household registration information in a database on the computer and found that indeed there is a plant called "ETHNO" people. While she was ecstatic, the police told her that this is called "ETHNO" people, time of birth as 1982, this "ETHNO" definitely Western "ETHNO."

The police have warned that the time left for the unit address ETHNO Dexing Copper Mine five construction headquarters, if looking from this unit, there may be some discoveries. With the help of the city Jiangxi TV channels, the found a suburb located in Guixi City, China No.15 Metallurgical Engineering Company. The company staff said, when the construction of the Dexing Copper Mine, should be 15MCC four companies, they have been stationed in Yellowstone, she is likely to find people in Yellowstone.

Subsequently, Zhu Chunrong also removed and 15MCC four companies contacted the company that there was indeed a man named "ETHNO" employee, but the employee resigned years ago. ETHNO relatives can also work in the company ...... ETHNO phone finally get through.

Save the old guy, like a long time to help others remembered the past

One day last November, is Ezhou Gulou Street office work ETHNO former co-workers received a phone. Colleague asked him: "? Many years ago, you are not saved, ah," ETHNO confused: "! No, ah," the other side has repeatedly asked: "Iron Mountain nearby, a car accident, there are mother and daughter ......" ETHNO want for a long time, and finally have a point of impression. "They find you coming ......"

The day before yesterday morning, the 49-year-old with her husband, rushed from Jiujiang Ezhou,http://jfy4ghtuertfy.bloguez.com, the silk banner to the ETHNO hands on a banner that read "selfless help of a lifetime." ETHNO eyes red: "Such a small thing,louboutin pas cher, people even still remember it!"

About 21 years later, when her daughter cried the little woman, has become a middle-aged women. And then a strange guy,http://gamsa.net/guestbook/index.php?item/create_form/1, now a stout middle-aged man. ETHNO said: "I really do not remember you." Can took his hand and said: "! I know that you"

ETHNO exceptionally simple introduction about 21 years ago, he opened the truck in China No.15 Metallurgical four companies, because the company has projects in Dexing Copper Mine, he drove to the copper mine. A spring and early summer morning, he returned the car from Jiujiang Ezhou, via Iron Mountain area, see a car accident. Off view, the "dig" to a mother and daughter to the hospital. Soon, due to changes in the work, he returned home to work Ezhou, Ezhou came in 2000 when the driver Gulou Street office.

Chen Shuji Street office said, but for other people to find the door, and everyone did not know who had saved Master Huang. In describing ETHNO Chen Shuji said, "He came here in 2000 to drive far or temporary workers, usually lives a simple life,http://www.cacenglish.com/index.php?item/create_form/1, especially one honest man."

Two days ago, when his wife asked him this story, the ETHNO "Hey" smile, "I really have nothing to say, who will help run a business, but also make life difficult for people to remember."

Sent pennants, Zhu Chunrong desire for many years finally realized. In particular, she explained to ETHNO daughter is working in Shenzhen, we could not come. She quipped, then stitches on her nose and left a small scar, Amy''s daughter has had to wear glasses to cover.

Over and over again told, again and again looking for laid-off workers thoughts plain: "They saved us, I have to say ''Thank you'', which is the right and proper thing, doing the most basic of conscience not to say 21. years, even longer they''re looking down ...... "



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WASHINGTON reporter Yao Hao, Huang Yicheng interns reported: 9 am yesterday 30 minutes,http://www.vfxjournal.net/blog/item/create_form/1, located west of Renji Renji Meat Market coming and going, suddenly, the crowd, a man grabbed a file from pork The chop bone knife, telling anyone cut ...... Later,http://www.gdzqbbs.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1843647, the men along the Yan Chai Road, to the people of South along the road, connecting the 11 innocent bystanders chopped. Four passers-by and two security guards their uniforms, prevent the development of tragedy. 11 injured were rushed to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen nearby for treatment.

Cut away bone knife on the chopping block

It witnessed the neighborhood, said that criminals grow tall, thin, about 30 years old, wearing a dark green motorcycle helmets,woolrich uomo, upper body, wearing a black suit, wearing black jeans pants. Around 9 am yesterday, Renji meat market stalls have minded it half an hour wandering around the market, eccentric,http://hyw10271.my3w.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=84168, suspiciously. 9:30 or so,http://www.lionbrandyarn.com/cgi-bin/faq-search.cgi, the man to take advantage of the 7th pork stall find the money gap, suddenly snatched chop bone knife on the chopping block, telling anyone cut! "! I was in to find the money,requin air max, a look back to see the man holding the knife towards my chop bone around people hacked together, and it''s horrible," pork stall Heidi horror gestures: "The chop bone over 30 cm long knife wide and more than 20 cm, with a kilogram. "Luanpi after a pass, the man bolted away toward the people of South all the way mad rush to cut all the way ......

"That''s like a mad man, Luanpi hack." At that time just go to the market to buy food after Renji West yellow aunt said at the time, the way people have been scared senseless,http://www.vst520.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=310245, it was not react to endure a knife, a lot of ladies screamed in the street. Allegedly, the man behind more from "attack" pedestrians, from Renji has Kandao the people of South West, along the way, 11 different levels of per capita innocent way to be chopped.

24-year-old Zhiwei Liang is the first cut, and also one of the most seriously wounded. Zhiwei Liang aunt Leung told reporters: "I was at home,louboutin femme, I just go nephew did not take long, I received a telephone neighborhood that my nephew was chopped, I quickly ran downstairs and saw God, a few minutes also,woolrich donna, hey man, what became blood man! "

21-year-old who was not even as far as shopping, suddenly cut the knife arm, bleeding; 57-year-old bear in the end Jiangxi Nanchang, the intention to return home to farm, but did not expect to go on the road was "lucky accident", right chest was gang and cut back home plans bathing, "It seems to be drained away tickets bought"; 52-year-old ROCKETS just stop back, ready to help her daughter to see the stalls, people suddenly from behind the raid, a stab wound to the right lower back Fortunately, minor injuries; 18-year-old "take-earners" Zheng Zhiming Yan Chai Road is food delivery, he has seen the mob attack, but it was too late to dodge, chest cut knife ......

The man mad chase one kilometer after being chased four passers-by and two brave security to Sai Pearl River Cruise Terminal ticket office,http://www.city.ono.hyogo.jp, see nowhere to escape, immediately threw the weapon in the Pearl River, raised his hands in surrender, then come quickly chased six uniforms. Heard the news rushed to the police the criminals back to the police investigation. 11 injured were taken to two Zhongshan Hospital for treatment.

Brave passers-catch

Jian Ye is one of the passers-by the time the new Samaritan. It leaves students recalled, when he was with three friends from the people of South a restaurant out and saw a man crazy knife knives to injure the streets screams, he also suffered a knife, thanks to escape in time, were not seriously injured. Later, he and three friends a wink while to catch up, and finally the man in Sai pier press down on the ground.

Reporters rushed to the criminals subdued Sai pier scene, throwing knife criminals see location has been blocked by the police. The police are trying to salvage the criminals to attack pork knife. Police initially identified, the attack is a mentally ill criminals.

Zhongshan two hospital emergency room, the reporter saw the injured body bloodied. According to the outpatient department of Dr. Huang told reporters that the hospital treated a total of 11 injured, all chest, upper arm,http://www.ez-netlife.com/bbs01/patio.cgi, back office had stab wounds, which seriously injured five people, require hospitalization, but not life threatening. One 24-year-old boy in Guangzhou and 51-year-old Jiangxi Leung Chi Wah Earnest man bears in the end the most seriously wounded, were at the right upper arm humerus fractures and blood pneumothorax. After treatment, yesterday afternoon,tn requin pas cher, three have been discharged.

5 o''clock yesterday afternoon, divers underwater salvage success from the name of the weapon when criminals attack chop bone knife. And has been handed over to police custody.

■ police informed


"No substantive ability to identify"

Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Yuexiu informed that the man was arrested when examined, covered with dirt smell,http://marvelous21.sakura.ne.jp/enkaijoh/light.cgi?res=111, look callous, reticent. Yuexiu police the man was criminal detention according to law. By Sun Yat-sen forensic center of the man doing forensic psychiatric assessment and found that the existence of poverty of thought and behavior disorders, the presence of paroxysmal disturbance of consciousness, headache and afterwards forgotten, can not explain their actions and motives. Preliminary assessment of the legal capacity: no clear motive, no substantial ability to identify. Police are the law of the man''s identity and other circumstances for further investigation.

■ knives to injure Roadmap

9:35, the perpetrators stole from Renji West pork chop bone knife stall ● 24-year-old Leung Chi Wah Earnest pass right arm was chopped pork stalls ((fracture) ● 52-year-old market ROCKETS beside the toilet business was chopped waist ● 18-year-old Zheng Zhiming while stock back to the shop to be chopped back takeaway 9:39 perpetrators from Renji ran to the people of South West ● 25-year-old Liu had just set out to be chopped back of the toilet ((14-pin) ● a traffic LATIN coordinators have been chopped ● 30-year-old man in the people of South Thirteen Steve Wong



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    ??,They whispered in the river for a while
News newspaper Shangluo Shangzhou District Shangluo City Park ring road on both sides of the green grass seems to be sprayed with green paint, and even around the roots and the bottom of the lawn lights were dyed green,a girl is with a hair blowing, local people questioned said that the construction by fraud, and The park management department, said knowledge.

People questioned the grass like green paint

Exercise regularly to Jinfeng Shan Park Shangluo people were surprised to find, park mountain road on both sides of the green belt of grass color is very strange. "All winter, and this grass so green Zehui? Not far from the wild grass of the earth were dry yellow." Master Li walked a careful look at it to see the grass seems to be sprayed with green paint became green.

According to Master Li speaking, Jinfeng Shan Park is on the district planning a leisure, recreation as one of the public places of entertainment. "That is a matter of months before, new planting roadside grass color had changed." "This is not the construction of people have already died of grass to be planted again Pyla, spray some green paint to deceive the government sector ? ''walk up the hill retired cadre puzzled Mr. Qu said.

It is understood that Jinfeng Shan Park was established in 2005, the planning area of 4572.6 acres, plans to invest 610 million yuan, as of this year, a total investment of over billion.

Reporters witnessed more than dyed green hay

December 22, reporters in Shangluo City is located in the northern suburb of ring road greenbelt park to see the already brown lawn in the cold,cintura gucci, had issued a green, and people are surprised that some of the bottom of the green belt in the street pine tree trunks along the road and some stone is green. "This is the man with the green paint spray, did you even look at the stones beside all green." Lee said crossing.

Reporters begin to run from the top of the car park at the entrance to the peaceful village east railway tunnel, about 4.2 km along the green grass almost all the color; triangle on a nearby hillside turf management office also seemed to be sprayed with green paint color.

Who lives in a public park near the Peace Village, told reporters, Huanshan sclerosis and green are contracted to a private company in the construction. Reporters noted that in addition to being "man handle" over the grass,he blind., the wild green belt outside the little plants have a dry yellow, noticeable in the cold hard green.

Preparation Office said agents sprayed by Green

Yesterday morning, a staff member Shangluo City Park Management Office,although rush out, told reporters: Park has not yet officially opened, construction projects are specifically responsible for the preparation office,We immediately Wan Xi Jie str, has not yet handed over our management. The staff member said regarding the knowledge of green paint sprayed on the lawn. In the afternoon,will deal with the incident b, the Deputy Director of the project to build the phone at Leishu Hong told reporters that he did not know about it. Subsequently,were rejected., Leishu Hong, also known as "project management department asked,hogan rebel saldi hogan 2013 outlet scarpe hogan uomo 2014, not spray paint,gucci vendita on line, but by Green agents." Leishu Hong repeatedly referred to as "project is not a show,giubbini donna moncler, nor is it to the leadership to see."

However,Bing finally willing to down., according to an informed cadre Shangzhou District Government said:. "A half months ago there was a project to observe the scene, leading to the scene to see the green grass in the winter, only with green paint spray" In this regard,sito ufficiale woolrich outlet, this newspaper will continue to focus on .

Text / reporter Zhang in



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"According to KCNA statement,doudoune parajumpers, the theme of this book indicates the direction of the Korean revolution, the creation of the film, including the anti-Japanese armed struggle to shoot, the Fatherland Liberation War and post-war rehabilitation and construction-themed films appeal to the working masses and the revolutionary upsurge in socialist construction investment movie.The late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il is believed to be a fan of the movie very large number of collections, has also pointing filmmaking.North Korean leader Kim Jong-un the same attention to film work. KCNA reported on November 27, Kim Jong-un visited Korea four ? twenty-six animated film studio. Said Kim Jong-un, in educating the masses, creating a social atmosphere,parajumpers, and promote the revolution and construction, the proportion occupied by the great film division.Expand Foreign ExchangePyongyang International Film Festival is the main platform for the exchange of films between the DPRK and the outside work. Pyongyang Film Festival,abercrombie paris, held since 1987,abercrombie paris, called North Korea a major event in the cultural life,moncler outlet, many Western films take this opportunity opened to door to North Korea.September 24 this year, the 14th Pyongyang Film Festival came to an end, won the best film of the German film "beautiful country", Chinese movie "My ferry" was a long feature film director award,abercrombie roma, Music Awards, Best Actor Award.In recent years, there are some Korean movies out of the country, the United States landed screen. 2013 Korean film "Comrade Kim fly" has been in San Francisco during the "Asian Media Center" Film Festival. This romantic comedy co tripartite Korea.

plastic, paint,hogan interactive donna, paper, electrical and other industries. According to the US Department of Commerce data,perle pandora, imports from China last year, Trinidad and Tobago melamine were worth US $ 14.1 million and $ 16.8 million.US International Trade Commission is expected to make a preliminary ruling in December. If the committee finds from China, Trinidad and Tobago to the United States imports of melamine-related industry caused substantial damage, the US Commerce Department will continue to investigate.

the United Kingdom and Belgium,abercrombie italia, directed by Koreans in Pyongyang viewfinder shooting, tells the story of 28-year-old US woman miner Kim ((phonetic) to overcome difficulties and eventually realize their dreams, to become the story of aerial tricks performer.Americans on the screen22 Associated Press reported that the DPRK is not a lack of movie "American character", but these characters are usually "villain."Americans sometimes make-up role played by Korean actor,parajumpers paris, sometimes played by moving the Americans.Earlier this year,abercrombie pas cher, the BBC interviewed on the Korean film industry, "Korean Film - History,hogan shop online," a book author, German Johannes Sheenheer.Sheenheer introduced in Korea,abercrombie e fitch, including the well-known American actor Charles Jenkins,scarpe uomo hogan, Larry Abu Hill,escarpin louboutin, Jerry Parrish and James Bradley snooker. He said that four people were in the 1960s defected to North Korea, after playing in the 1978 Korean film series "unsung heroes" in the "evil capitalists."Among them, Bradley Snooker is a well-known Korean foreign actors, is still believed to North Korea. Korean people with "Arthur," call him, which he had played the role name.Rhododendron ((Xinhua News Agency for the newspaper feature articles)((Original title: Mysterious Korean film Xinhua News Agency, Washington,pjs doudoune, December 3 ((Reporters Zheng Qi and Hang Gaopan) - US Department of Commerce announced on 3 July, imports from the Republic of China,barbour france, Trinidad and Tobago melamine initiated anti-dumping and countervailing duty (("dual") survey or lead to the US government on China, Trinidad and Tobago exports to the US market for such products impose punitive tariffs.The US Commerce Department said the investigation was initiated in response to the US complaint cornerstone chemicals company. The company claimed that the margin of dumping of Chinese exports to the United States from these products ranging from 255.44% to 363.31%, and more than 2 percent subsidy rate; Trinidad and Tobago exports to the United States from melamine dumping margin to 166.9% 189.1% range,zanotti femme, subsidy rates are more than 2%.Melamine is commonly used for the production of melamine resin. Melamine resin is widely used in wood.



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Mother daughter raped and killed, "rapist" Mother jailed for five years to pay nearly 500,000 families of the deceased

Information Times ((reporter Wei emblem) in July last year,hogan outlet milano, a single mother 17-year-old daughter Chen lin that Lent man brutally raped, got all the families of unbearable grief,louboutin pas cher, the streets will be "rapist" beaten to death. Yesterday, the case in Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court of First Instance sentenced lin Chen guilty of intentional assault jailed for five years,hogan milano, his brother Chen Jianxiong guilty of intentional assault and illegal possession of drugs two crimes, was sentenced to 17 years in prison and fined 5,000 yuan; co Tang Chi Fai who is jailed for 12 years. The need to compensate the families of the three victims of the economic loss of nearly 50 million.

Incident: Single mother killed ',nike air max pas cher;rapist'

July 10, 2009 morning, the leaflets should be invited to the nightclub drinking Dengmou cousin, cousin's boyfriend brought a period of over 40 years of age called "Xiongge" ((victim Li Mouxiong) man. Leaflets were started after a few beers under irrigation is not clear. Subsequently,hogan interactive, was "Xiongge" drive brought to a hotel in Baiyun District, open room. Lobular After returning home to his mother crying suffered lin Chen, Chen Jianxiong uncle and other relatives. One who first went to the local police station.

However, lobular stop receiving "Xiongge" harassing phone call, said to nurturing her, also asked to meet again. Lin and Chen Jianxiong Chen will discuss how to capture and learned "rapist."

July 11, leaflets about "Xiongge" near Longin Road. At 3 pm, "Xiongge" to the party,hogan donna, the ambush in the vicinity of Chen Jianxiong Chen lin and got help advance soup Chi-hui, Lin Mouhui ((handled separately) and others that came to arrest people, "Xiongge" opportunity break escape.

Chen Hong while chasing side to the crowd cried, "My daughter was raped underage! Quick catch rapist ah!" And others to catch up after Chen Jianxiong,louboutin soldes été 2011, armed with a fist or on the "Xiongge" beating. "Xiongge" after being ripped shirt tied up, shirtless lying on the floor did not move again. Lin Chen said, there were onlookers conceal his indignation, stepped forward to help intercept even beaten.

After the incident,hogan interactive shop online, Chen Jianxiong, who fled the scene, then left at the scene lin Chen dialed 110 and 120. When the police and ambulance arrived, "Xiongge" has died. Chen lin that surrender. The forensic identification,louboutin online france, "Xiongge" blunt lines were hit in the head, causing a large, cerebellar extensive subarachnoid hemorrhage, leading to the central nervous system failure and death.

Verdict: accidental surrendered eligible lenient sentence

Once the case has aroused concern, many people think that their feelings may be forgiven. But the court noted that although the rape victim is a major suspect Chen lin daughter,chaussures giuseppe zanotti, but based on the available evidence does not fully proven and determination 李某雄 indeed real rape. Accordingly, even if the other side has a major suspect,hogan scarpe, Chen lin,abercrombie kid, who have seized and turned over to the right of the judiciary,woolrich negozi line, but the law does not entitle them to the suspect, injury or deprivation of life implementation.

Integrated whole case,moncler gilet, the results of the victim's death is certainly a non-lin Chen, who are pursuing, but the objective is indeed causing casualties result, in view of the incident indeed accidental, everyone's subjective vicious and personal harm has been weakened, and have surrendered lin Chen, Chen Jianxiong have meritorious circumstances, provide important clues to the public security organs in custody to enable the detection of other cases, lighter then made the decision.

Appeal: two families seeking a lenient sentence distress

After the verdict, all the families have to break out crying in the gallery, the three accused were considered overweight said they will appeal the sentence. Because his mother and uncle to jail together,sac longchamps soldes, crying out leaflets from the court, "the rest of a person I am now, and I have never separated so big with her mother before, why can not judge it mildly, unfair to us." . Lobular now 19 years old, dropped out of school after the incident salesperson to do now with my aunt and cousin rented three dozen square house, uncle Chen Jianxiong and a 2-year-old child did not care.

Chen lin provide free legal aid defense lawyers believe 张新强 verdict sentencing emphasis lin Chen, Chen lin although violated the law, but it does deserve sympathy, should give her a chance to lighter should be placed on probation for her daughter to take care of it as soon as possible.



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     ,abercrombie online

they are also used to help parents work in." Frances told reporters, just start your own broom clean clothes to wear street sanitation, my heart is a little uncomfortable. "The owner is also home to a convenience store to ask me, will not feel embarrassed? I just smiled. Then see other students are also helping parents to sweep the streets, and slowly let go." According introduction, every summer vacation, area college students will always appear cleaner streets, "a few days ago has not started, and we have five or six students this baby to help parents work. baby who is not easy,woolrich parka, sanitation workers are less likely to . "The reporter intern reporter Jin dove HodgkinEdit speakMy child, you really goodFor parents of children within its power to do something, and nothing would have been. Frances reason attention and praise, because the current urban households in general,abercrombie italia, children in addition to learning the main tasks, rarely involved in household chores. Coupled with social prejudice against manual labor, some children even despise manual workers, not to mention for the parents to sweep the road. Can be used as a female college student, Frances frankly do these things, and her children like the cleaning staff,air max pas cher pour homme, many children are quietly doing the same thing. Let us see these kids industrious,abercrombie soldes, filial piety and other traditional virtues heritage. Currently, Frances also the courage to let teachers and students know their real names, we have concerns about a child can understand. But we want to tell these kids, you are really good.Beijing Hao Lun life proud young man, and that is him who donate blood were slashed over 197 eye of a needle, in the past 15 years,nike tn pas cher magasin, he has offered 10,abercrombie and fitch paris,600 ml of whole blood, blood components 144 therapeutic dose, if he had offered blood, blood components conversion sake, then at 15 years, the shy boy in Beijing,nike tn 2014, a total of 125,nike air max 1,800 milliliters of blood donation, the equivalent of all the blood 28 adults.The blood donation was awarded the Gold Medal of the country boy.

place and blood volume: June 21, 1997, at the Beijing Gongzhufen of Blood Collection offer a 200 ml. At that time, every Wednesday and Saturday, at Xidan and Gongzhufen have received blood donation Blood Collection staff, shy Hao Lun always hovering in front of the car did not dare to go over,tn, but afterwards they regret this purpose.On that day,abercrombie soldes, an observant doctor discovered the hesitant young man, encouraged him to the car. Hao Lun did not think that this offer, insisted the 15-year,bracciale tiffany, 120,moncler sito ufficiale,000 ml. But at that time, so excited, he even did not dare to tell my parents, home to receive the donation coins buried in pots,woolrich bambino, the certificate is hidden under the bed, when to sleep out to enjoy some.Later, Hao Lun more blood donation card. In 1999,air max pas cher pour femme, 21 years old, he received a "donation champion," the honorary title. Today,ciondolo tiffany, he still insists on offering a component of blood every 14 days - this is almost a minimum interval of offering blood components.Those slowly outflow of blood from the veins also brought him many honors. "The fourth block ''voluntary blood donation prize medal quality'' is to declare them." Hao Lun when it comes to this speech reveals pride. In addition to four gold medal, he also won the National Award for the promotion of voluntary blood donation.

in fact, there is another sad side of life. Because blood donation,abercrombie and fitch paris, he had nearly eight years are unemployed because of blood donation, there has been no 34-year-old girl willing to associate with him, because blood donation, he had suffered ridicule, suffered not understand a lonely face of frustration and loss.Blood can helpHao Lun''s taller than one meter eighty big one, hair cut close to the scalp, but they spoke in whispers. 34-year-old prime of life, the only entertainment is the same as Beijing''s old people dined out for his walk; the old "blood champion" this year has participated in dozens of events, but the eyes do not look directly at each other when they speak, looked very embarrassed.In fact,hollister pas cher france, Hao Lun child and other kids, fear needles, in his words, is "the needle into the skin when the creeps." But at the age of 14 Hao Lun family tragedies changed life trajectory. His uncle''s two cancer, the last period of time has been relying on blood transfusions to sustain life. "Blood can help", the words carved into the Hao Lun life.Hao Lun is still very clearly remember his first donation of time.



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((Reporter correspondent Luo Li Yong) December 12, Kaifu District, Ping Pan homicide cases occurred, a naked lower body massagers were killed in a hostel in. 16 afternoon,http://hyougosoap.s102.xrea.com/cgi/j/j.cgi, police in Hunan and Zhejiang market Yuelu district a hostel will be arrested on suspicion of intentional homicide of Wang Xiang. It is understood that the two issues because Piaozi dispute in the room, Wang Xiang scuffle with both hands to strangle the massagers.

Woman killed hostel site

At 11:40 on the 12th Xu, a woman came to the Kaifu District Pan Ping opened a hostel hour room three hours, when the son of the hostel owner Kandian dragons. Since only part-time room,scarpe hogan interactive, so there is no registration of the two cards. 12:30 Xu, the room vaguely heard the woman''s screams, dragons do not care too much. 14:40 or so, asking them to knock dragons departure, but found the room no one answered.

When he got the keys to open the door,http://079999.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=4011430, saw the people shivering scene: articles very messy room,http://finalstraw.blogbus.com, lying on the bed of women have died and panties. 3 pm, after Kaifu New River Public Security Bureau police station received a report, rushed to the scene. Dead line more than 30 middle-aged woman,gioielli tiffany, identified by the autopsy was brief neck tie choking death of any property and can confirm his identity documents were found.

Progress victims line a massagers

"Some people see the murdered women often appear in the vicinity." Criminal Investigation deputy brigade commander,http://www.as-if.jp, told reporters segment orientation, in order to determine the identity of the deceased, the police on the scene after a thorough and meticulous investigation surrounding access to and analysis of the nature of the case, and the dead shall be prima facie leisure venues for the surrounding massage massagers. Police surrounded the rain that night police organization to expand the scope of the task force designated Mopai finalize the dead line Huaxia Road, Kaifu District a massage room massagers Wang ((36 years old, Ningxiang County). Massage parlor boss Wang reflects on December 12, 11 am to go out to dinner with people leaving the grounds of a massage parlor has not returned, the body with the purse, gold necklaces, earrings and other items, usually in the shop to do massage for the industry .

Detected when the suspect was caught sleeping

"40 years old, between 1.66 to 1.68 m, medium body,http://237.newfine.net/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, skin side black, wearing a black jacket and blue ......" According to the guest house and the surrounding dragons witnesses, police eventually locked the suspect case of Wang Xiang (( pseudonym, Cili County), and on December 16 in the afternoon to arrest. According to the police, Wang, 42 years old, divorced,basket nike pas cher, has a 10-year-old daughter. Wang Xiang to Changsha for five years, at a steel market as porters, likes to play mahjong.

After being acquainted with the deceased Wang into the massage room massage solicit early December, Wang Huaxia Road passing through a massage parlor. The evening of December 11, which once again came to the massage room massage and dinner the next day agreed with the deceased. December 12 at noon,http://www.clarityenglish.com/englishonline/index.php?item/create_form/1, after the suspect Wang Zhixiang with the deceased met outside in massage parlors, with access to Pan Ping opened a hostel room. "To two hundred possible, a maximum of 100 yuan." Two problems occur because Piaozi dispute in the room,http://www.british1.co.uk/cgi-bin/search.cgi,hogan outlet 2015, a scuffle after the revolt was Wang, Wang Wang grabbed the neck with both hands until Wang can not resist, after Wang,http://www.suma-yc.org, who took the opportunity to take the purse, gold necklace, gold earrings and other items away after fleeing the scene.

After committing the crime that night, Wang "did not sleep all night." The next day, he also commissioned a woman went to massage parlors understand Wang''s case, that she was not dead. Therefore, Wang did not flee immediately, Changsha, but live calmly as usual,hogan sito ufficiale, until police arrived hostel will catch him sleeping. At present, the suspect Wang Xiang suspicion of manslaughter by Kaifu police criminal detention.



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" ... the cliff edge,air max pas cher pour homme, as described in the above article,parajumpers france, "Just open the door of China,nike tn, the country is also facing open international outlook, international consciousness."Open the door, let the facts speak,woolrich outlet, so open to help the momentum relaxation,zanotti femme, all aspects of deconstruction and restructuring of domestic politics, economy, culture and even the defense has long been compacted structure, and in order to enhance the intensity of reform, to a certain extent due to bridge internal contradictions arising from the reform, the reform and opening up in customs outreach.

thus forming unstoppable, irreversible trend of the times. Yikaifangcu into the reform,escarpin christian louboutin, opening wider to the reform, which is the progress of China''s smartest move.Of course,nike tn pas cher magasin, the formulation and implementation of policy, Hu Yaobang, who was one of tribute. The above article, wrote: "The new book" Hu Yaobang biography ((Volume) "mentioned in the ''Cultural Revolution'', when he took the opportunity to seize the reading ended ten school life back to Beijing,woolrich outlet, attended" Tanaka Biography . "," On the transformation of the Japanese archipelago "and he was thinking: long-term economic backwardness of our country.

to really have a sense of warp.Today, China''s economic growth performance accompanied with "China model", to some extent cushion the external momentum. However, in China''s reform because "crucial" and slowed the moment, with an open interest of momentum to the impact of structural compaction to international rules Forced domestic reform process,woolrich outlet italia, nonetheless give an optional Strategies. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on the economic situation of the new government for the first time experts and business executives recently held a forum to say, for the Chinese economy unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable deep-seated contradictions, to remedy, out of every agent. " prescription ", both to rule the table, better able to cure. It had to rely fundamentally reform.The reform still needs leveraging open. Of course, this requires greater courage and skill.Bear child insuranceMischief, scream and run around chasing a cat dog thrust, others damaged items ... parents not only for children to break various scourge bow and apologize.

and sometimes have to bear the economic liability. "Children bear the risk," real name "guardian liability insurance", the family of minor children injury or property damage caused by others, according to the law by the insured bear the financial liability, the insurance company to pay compensation.Anti-small three insuranceFor the feelings of the bill the insurance companies have had insurance products available. Had an insurance product, the insured must be the husband,nike tn 2014, the beneficiary must be a wife,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, the minimum payment amount is 5,000 yuan a year. If.

scientific backwardness, but also very difficult post-war Japan, but after concentrate on science, attention to education, economic development, and soon became the industry big country. Japan''s experience is worth learning. "However,moncler outlet, to the outside world, we must first break the ideological barriers. To this end,louboutin, Hu Yaobang,barbour france, "organized and promoted the" discussion on the criterion of truth, which in China has embarked on an unprecedented ideological emancipation movement. This ideological liberation movement, "has become the order out of chaos and the idea of reform and opening-pilot",hollister milano, determined to decide the fate of the road for China''s development in the later period.Today, there are 24 years from the death of Hu Yaobang. In these 24 years, an unprecedented degree of China''s opening, China greatly accelerate the process of integration into the world. After joining the WTO, in the context of world economic integration, China''s rapid economic growth has enabled China''s economy rose to second in the world, "Made in China" has spread to every corner of the world.After the country wide open,woolrich donna, open gradually diminishing momentum, this is normal. With increasing openness,felpe hollister, informed Chinese people self-confidence, self-confidence is growing. By opening up to increase national self-confidence, which is an open implementation of the objectives of the policy. Thus did look in the ideological field open "discussion" such as "how do flies mosquitoes fly in" problem.

after a broken marriage,nike tn, the wife when the insured party under the agreement, get 60% -100% of the corresponding rights.A hole insuranceHole in one golf tournament is extremely difficult, aced risk refers to the purchase of insurance who can aced get offered by car insurance companies.Green Hat risk insurance and aliens hijackedThe Dutch insurance novelty to an extreme, including "green hat risks" and "Alien abduction insurance." If the insured after a man found his wife "affair", or one day aliens hijacked insured households Unfortunately, you can request to the insurance company claims.



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March 20 morning, the river north of Los Zhuanglanghe county water and found a young man dead bodies, there were several wounds on the body. After identification, the dead line Zhuanglanghe County Water Lauw people, Gansu Institute of Political Science sophomore Li Xiang. Li Xiang February 15 in the morning and their classmates after missing the county fights after drinking conflict with others. Currently Zhuanglanghe police have been involved in investigating the matter.

River found the body of missing college students

Los North River water Zhuanglanghe county located on the north side, and usually are not a lot of water in the river,http://www.gekiyase.net, the local government with a rubber dam divides the river into town within nine dams, in addition to the trees on both sides of the street side of the river for irrigation, but also a landscape within the county .

Li Xiang was the first to discover the bodies of the county north and south Riverfront Park Zhuanglanghe responsible for greening Liu Runde. Liu Runde told reporters, rubber dam where the water depth is about two meters. March 20 at 10 am, when he used the pump in the 6th dam north of pumping, the pump off due to water pipe and rope fell into the water, the river fishing when he found the body pumps. Local police then quickly rushed to the scene, the organization will salvage the bodies up. After identification, the dead line of two who lives in Zhuanglanghe county Lauw water two kilometers away two clubs LI Xiang Li, Gansu Institute of Political Science Department of Public Security University sophomore.

Drunken fights with others missing

Li Xiang''s father, Lee Cheng told reporters, February 14 ((New Year''s Day) 10:00 pm, Li Xiang Zhao received a high school classmate of the phone, he went to the county about a bar to drink, Li Xiang and then home, Since then it has not been home. February 17 afternoon, he received a phone Zhuanglanghe County Town police station, police said Li Xiang missing someone, ask the police to assist in the search. Lee arrived at the police station to understand that the alarm is about the evening of February 14, Li Xiang drink Zhao, Zhang, 4, 4 Department of Li Xiang high school students in Sichuan, Jilin University ground.

Zhao, who told Lee to, the evening of February 14, they and Li Xiang total of five people to the county a bar to drink, the next day at 1 pm, drinking in the streets and 5 men and 1 woman happens when wine ready to go home quarrel and fight, during which Li Xiang fled the scene, chased each other then known as Li Xiang, after a few of them never seen Li Xiang. Zhao, who met the next day in the process of looking for trouble Li Xiang night of conflict and their girls, the girl said, that night they chase Li Xiang,http://pipiham.pos.to/minidiary/apeboard_plus.cgi/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=read_message&msgnum=10/, Li Xiang jumping into the results. Zhao, who then referred to two consecutive days to Li Xiang girl jumping into a river to find the location, but it was all frozen whole river, did not find any abnormality,http://www.winedin.com/fennel/beets/beets/pair_food_wine.php?food=register.cgi, helpless Li Xiang missing to the police report, requesting assistance in locating.

Lee Cheng told reporters, I heard kids jumping into a river after he and his family carefully search the water Los North River, the river was all ice, did not find any unusual place.

Death doubt a lot of college students

Lee Cheng told reporters, Li Xiang''s death is very strange. After the body was salvaged, they found that the child does not wear a jacket, his two ribs,air jordan pour femme, chest, both legs partially scarred, and there is a right frontal head about 5 cm wound, left ring finger and middle finger of the right hand nor nails a. They believe that Li Xiang could not slip into the water, because the whole street adjacent sides of the dam on the 6th, in order to prevent someone fell into the water,prada borse outlet, all with nearly two-meter high fence around, no one place where people can slip overboard.

Lee to believe, because after Li Xiang has no home away from home, from February 15 to start their Li Xiang has been dialed phone, but has been turned off. February 18 Li Xiang finally switched phone,nike air max,http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk, but the phone is a middle-aged woman, she said the phone was picked up their children, when a jacket hanging on the river willow, kids dig from the coat pocket take the phone, but did not take the jacket. Since then, the woman under pressure,http://satodamai.com/bbs/honey/honey.cgi?%253e, take the initiative handed the phone to the police station.

Lee Cheng said, if true middle-aged woman said, Li Xiang is not the case fell into the water, or the presence of active jumping into a river, because the weather is very cold night of the incident, who would not hang your coat before jumping into the river shore willow on.

Local police set up a task force investigation

March 22 at noon, contact reporter calls to the evening of February 14, together with Li Xiang drinking Zhao, Zhao college at a university in Sichuan. Zhao said he was ready to drive back Zhuanglanghe from Sichuan,http://www.weiqike.com/ooo/home.php?mod=space&uid=39292, with the police investigation. In the afternoon, police and news Zhuanglanghe propaganda department on the case to reporters came briefing. Informed that Li Xiang missing after police received Zhuanglanghe alarm, while looking for them by the local police sent, while the release of missing persons in the public security information online, through the public security organs to help find the brothers, and recommended release of missing relatives Li Xiang in the media notices, looking for the whereabouts of Li Xiang, Li Xiang and sent police officers to Maryland''s school were investigated.

March 20 Li Xiang salvaged after the body was found, Pingliang City,http://www.sunrise-blvd.co.jp,chaussures louboutin hommes, Zhuanglanghe County 4 forensic Li Xiang corpses were inquest. Zhuanglanghe County Public Security Bureau held an emergency meeting to set up a "2 * 15" ad hoc investigation team, deployed 50 police,hogan interactive, to carry out the external investigation, inquest bodies,http://carp.net, site investigation, involved the review work.

Currently, the county public security bureau to carry out investigation work was in full swing, most of the people involved have been appearing in court, the relevant investigations are being carried out in order.

Text / Chart reporter Xingjian Yang



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 Mianyang Fucheng Road 70 一幢 built in the 90s of the last century old residential buildings, a building belonging to 3 units of office space, 4-7 floor are living room, mostly due to tenants retired workers, the oldest was over 90 years old, the day down very inconvenient. To this end, 12 people 4-7 floor after deliberation, jointly funded 30 million,air max 1 noir, to install an elevator in the corridor outside, at present, the elevator shaft of the main structure has been completed. However, did not come up planning and approval and other related procedures, urban management department has been ordered to shut down for rectification.

There is no elevator

Elderly residents upstairs very strenuous

70 residential buildings Mianyang Fucheng Road, is 一幢 old residential building, located in Fucheng District Environmental Protection Agency and Fucheng District Planning and Construction and Housing Security Bureau Hospital, and is the same building. Yesterday, the Chengdu Business Daily reporter to the scene found the building 1 to 3 layer is Fucheng District Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Planning,chaussures tn pas cher, Construction and Housing Security Bureau, L4-7 are residential buildings.

"Basically live here are retirees living in Fucheng District Authority, most people have a greater age." Yesterday, 5th Floor,asics gel lyte, introduced one of the residents. It is understood that the elderly who live here,sac abercrombie and fitch, have been older than 90 years old, the younger has 59 years old. "This building is a former household units, each with the elderly, because there is no elevator, usually down on grocery shopping is very convenient." Surnamed Zhou households introduction, this building residential buildings built in the last century,hollister pas cher, 90 age, for brick structure,asics nimbus, a total of 12 residents layer 4-7, because there was no elevator,chaussures louboutin discount, down the stairs very hard,asics pas cher, to give us a lot of distress.

Xu, 73-year-old woman, who lives on the 4th floor, yesterday morning, her shopping home, because of advanced age, each on a higher level are obviously very laborious, but also in the middle to rest several times. "In addition to buy food every day, my husband and I have very little down because the stairs too strenuous." Xu said Granny, come back each time to buy food from downstairs came home, she needs at least 10 minutes. According to residents, last summer, the elderly, a physical disability, from one floor to climb on the 7th floor, spent nearly one hour.

The installation of an elevator

12 residents chipped in 300,000

To take care of elderly residents, the owners of the buildings after 12 to discuss the spontaneous chipped in 30 million,asics gt 2000 femme, decided to install a lift.

Yesterday, the reporter on the scene saw at the construction site outside owners cautioned against a book that says, "because most of the owners of the upstairs tenants age has great difficulty down the stairs, through the consensus of all the owners, a joint venture to build an elevator. "inscribed above the fourth floor of all the owners. Reporters found that climbed on the 7th floor, the stairs at the corner of 4-7 floors, original walls have been removed, changed the elevator entrance.

A responsible person in charge of the elevator installation site introduction, installation of elevators construction month, this month will be able to be delivered. Steel shelves elevator installed in the stairwell outside BAN, there is no significant relationship between the quality of the structure housing the elevator before the start has been to the Bureau of Quality Supervision Inspection. For whether the Planning Board, the building housing the Bureau to obtain planning and construction procedures, he said, this is a matter of the owner.

The person in charge, does not affect the structural safety of buildings, steel structures in the corridor outside the elevator shaft is a separate establishment, and on each floor of the elevator placed a plate, only the steel elevator shaft could cost up to more than 10 million. According to reports,louboutin paris pas cher, this lift is expected to be able to be fully completed within this month.

Reporters found that, at present, the main structure of the elevator shaft of steel structures has been basically completed. Because of one to three is a unit of office space, to be built by adding 2,3 elevator floor elevator door does not open. According to a presentation on the 5th floor of owners, this is the fourth floor of an elevator over 12 owners through independent consultation jointly funded the construction, the total price of nearly 30 million, in equal shares to each household for more than 20,000 yuan.

Without the approval of

Elevator was ordered to shut down for rectification

Residents of the buildings of the elevator installation, attracted the attention surrounding residents, some envy, was also questioned: the installation of the elevator meets the relevant requirement Yesterday, reporters learned from Mianyang City Authority, 14th, 15th, the council enforcement unit has been twice to the installation of the elevator scene, but the owners did not come up with the appropriate representative of the planning and construction procedures, has been ordered to shut down for rectification .

Mianyang Municipal Urban Management Bureau, responsible person, the planning department investigation, the elevator did not go through the planning approval. "Previous planning approval, city inspectors in the post, we have informed the planning department, whether planning a serious violation to the planning department qualitative."

"The elevator's 'survival', depending on the qualitative planning department,longchamp 3d prix, if you can not go through the planning and building construction procedures,chaussures louboutin, urban management department will be dismantled according to the law of the elevator." The official said.

"We had thought might want to do the procedure, but we are old comrades, after consultation, do not know what needs to go through,asics nimbus, and therefore, there is no approval and to be built." Yesterday, a resident reports, "If you press provides for the approval, we are very happy,louboutin pour homme, after all, have to ensure our own safety. "

Yesterday afternoon, the owner's representative, Mr. Liu said that at present,christian louboutin pas cher, has been submitted for approval and to be built in accordance with the relevant procedures.

Authorities say

Plus old building elevator

To lead a three off

{1} to apply to the planning department

{2} and construction safety checks by live fire departments

{3}, with the consent of the majority of owners

Old residential buildings conform to the relevant provisions of the installation of an elevator Which department does need approval

Yesterday, Mianyang City Planning Bureau,louboutin chaussures, responsible person, taking into account the structural safety of a lot of old buildings, now in principle agreed to install an elevator in the old building. If you want to install an elevator in the old building, the planning department would first like to apply, then by live fire departments, and construction related to its safety inspection and,louboutin pas cher, finally, with the consent of the majority of the owners.

Mianyang Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of Special Inspection Bureau official said, to install an elevator in the old building, we must first take into account the structure of the house and load capacity, the elevator shaft must be designed by a professional unit. After the elevator installation is complete,air max pas cher, the building housing the departments to check the connection between the elevator and the building, the quality supervision departments will be able to use the elevator after going for acceptance.

Throughout precedent

An elevator resident fee

Had a successful precedent

June 2012, the city of Nanjing,louboutin femme pas cher, Jiangsu Province Taiwan Garden District 16 residents own a unit to apply their own expense to install plug-in elevator budget of about 45 million, as was in the old district of Nanjing residents to apply their own, building their own expense, after all the relevant authorities for approval of residential building plug-in elevator first case.

December 2013, a district 12 Dazhou owners raised $ 450,000 for a 12-storey residential installation of a sightseeing elevator, was friends known as the "Tyrant" owner,chaussures louboutin, this is the first case of the owners at their own expense in the old-fashioned Florida residential buildings to install elevators behavior.

Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Tang Xiaojun and She Ying reports

((Original title: Minato 300,000 residents since the elevator was installed without the approval of the rectification work stoppage)

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